Educating Others

The coronavirus has changed everything for all of us, yet we're inspired by the stories of the first responders and the countless heroes on the front line who are fighting this pandemic. There are also so many others who are making an incredible difference – people working in essential businesses, people who are assisting strangers, and educators who are finding new and creative ways to work with their students.


For many of us, the best thing we can do for everyone is to stay home and stay safe. Over time, this will change. However, Black isn't good at "doing nothing," so when educators reached out to us to see if we could provide online resources, she immediately said, "Yes."


Much to the dismay of our accountants and attorneys, we're happy to make our best-selling book, What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired! (which was approved by the Texas State Board of Education as a financial literacy textbook, and is the basis of over 35 Career and Technical Education curricula) available, chapter-by-chapter, as a FREE PDF for educational purposes. (To see the Table of Contents, click here.)

The book, which can be used on its own (it's as easy as a "book club"), is only limited by each educator's creativity and technology capabilities (we've heard about virtual classrooms, online book study groups, independent book studies, and even teaching with Twitter!).


Whether being used in conjunction with our book, or as stand-alone teaching tools and conversation starters, we're happy to offer these FREE resources:

  • INDEPENDENT BOOK STUDY – A simple, but effective, worksheet containing five thought-provoking questions
    • PDF, click here
    • Word document, click here
  • CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER GUIDES – The Book section from our companion guide, The Book Club Approach To Personal Finance & Life 101, provides one-page guides for each chapter of the book with each chapter broken down into three parts: (1) Questions & Topics For Discussion; (2) Financial Literacy Program; and (3) Philosophical Questions
    • To access, click here
  • RED & BLACK APPROACH TO COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS – An engaging, easily accessible, and unusual curriculum that works alongside our original book and provides relevant information as well as food-for-thought. In addition, it contains a separate section that focuses exclusively on soft skills.
    • For a copy of the complete FREE PDF, contact Red at education@RedandBlackBooks.com
    • For an overview, including the Table of Contents, click here
    • For a sample chapter outline, click here
    • To learn more about the soft skills section, including several sample pages, click here 
  • NEW! RED & BLACK ANIMATED SOFT SKILL VIDEOS – UpSkill Houston, an initiative of the Greater Houston Partnership, and Red & Black have partnered to launch a new series of short animations that demonstrate how an array of soft skills can drive success. Each episode introduces a different skill, all of which are transferable between industries, as well as with your personal life. 
    • To read UpSkill Houston's announcement, click here
    • To read UpSkill Houston's letter to educators and community organizations, click here
    • To access the series, go to https://upskillmylife.org/softskills/
    • Want to use the videos to start conversation? It's as easy as asking these two leading questions:
      1. How does this skill apply in your personal life?
      2. How does this skill apply in the workforce?


It couldn't be easier. If the resource isn't linked above, all you have to do is email Red at education@RedandBlackBooks.com and let her know what you need. Before you know, she'll get back to you with instructions on how to access the entire book and/or any additional information that you've requested. Of course, be prepared that email will come with a healthy dose of warm and fuzzy greetings and appreciation for all that you're doing for students.

Meanwhile …

  • We're updating this website AND creating a new one, so this is a work-in-progress
  • To register for updates, go to RedandBlackBanter.com
  • As always, our passion for students remains, our frustration with the education "system" grows